DAY 10: 25% Off Trendy Teacher Tech Gear Makes Teacher Gift Giving Easy!

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This dazzling Day 10 Deal for the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts will help all the teachers on your list to “tech-essorize” their go-to gadgets.

Each and All Teacher Peach Laptop Case Teach It Changes Everything Tech Bag TIOEE-2T   ITAIHCPCC-2T

Day 10: Accessorize Your Tech Gear with These Tech-riffic Tech-cessories!
12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues with this high-tech deal. Take 25% off the entire Teacher Peach line of technology accessories! Revamp the go-to tech items of teachers and friends with these colorful and practical items from Teacher Peach! At these prices, you’ll want to choose a few for yourself, too.

Laptop Case Features:
Each and All Teacher Peach Laptop CaseWords to Grow By Laptop Case Alphabetically Speaking Laptop Case

  • The Each and All laptop case is perfect for every laptop-carrying teacher. The message reads: “I am a teacher. I teach EACH of my students to reach ALL of my students.” This case will keep your most valuable teaching tool safe.
  • Next, the Words To Grow By laptop case is the perfect gift for all of the literary-savvy authors, students, and teachers on your list who are fueled by a passion for words! This Wordle-like typographic design appears on both sides of the case.
  • The Alphabetically Speaking laptop case will inspire you to tap “every key from A to Z” with its stunning design. Everyone uses the alphabet. Display it graphically and alphabetically with this great tech case.
  • Each laptop case comes in the two most popular sizes to fit most laptops with 13.3″ or 15.5″ display screens. Each case is made from a water resistant, neoprene material.
  • Each laptop case has a zipper closure, making it easy to retrieve the laptop and helping to prevent scratches and dents.

TEACH! Tech Gear Pouch Features:
Teach It Changes Everything Tech Bag

  • This gift lets teachers keep their tech gizmos and gadgets together in this oversized yet lightweight electronics pouch.
  • Made of open-cell scuba foam, the pouch sports the strong graphic message, “TEACH! It changes everything.” It also has a mesh back panel to reveal what’s inside at a glance. It comes in six vibrant and attractive colors.

Phone Accessory Features:


  • These accessories make ideal stocking stuffer gifts for everyone. Keep important must-haves in hand with the “IT’s all in hand!” cell phone card case. This card case adheres to the back of most phones and its 3M material is designed to minimize the risk of residue when it’s removed! Card case comes in six vibrant colors.
  • These clever and functional “Tune IT out!” earbuds have been designed to fit the geometry of the ear, making for a great fit and clear sound! Mix and match with six epic colors. Stock up for stocking stuffers.
  • While the card cases and earbuds are great gifts for everyone on your list, this car charger adaptor is expressly for the teachers on your list—and expresses a great teacher-centric message. This powerful adaptor works in the car, the wall, and has two USB ports. Now, the teachers on the go won’t run out of battery thanks to this versatile charger that reads, “Teacher power is fully charged.” CE and FCC certified.

As the Teacher Peach savings continue throughout the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts, we want to hear from you! Which tech gear items do you like best? Did you pair any of them together to make a super high-tech gift? Which items did you buy for the techy people on your list? Let us know, and send us pictures!

It’s a Wrap!
These “tech”nically awesome gifts are so colorful and inviting that there’s really no need to wrap them. They’ll quickly tuck into a gift bag with tissue or look great adorned with just a bow as they peek out of a stocking stuffer or are propped right next to the tree!

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Still hungry for more deals? Tomorrow’s tasty offer is bound to appeal, no matter the meal. (Ah, so that’s the hint!) Check back tomorrow for another awesome deal to continue the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts!

Making an Impact As a Teacher

One of the greatest feelings of being a teacher is when you make an impact on a student’s life. Here at Teacher Peach, we salute the teachers who are fostering excellence in their students. We salute the ELA teacher who teaches the next great author to write. We salute the math teacher that inspires the next great coder. We salute the coach who sparks the next great athlete. These inspirations are how teachers impact the world.

Motivate your students and your coworkers by displaying this freebie poster from the PeachQuotes Studio designers at Teacher Peach. Inspiration can help impact the world. It can make a dent in the universe.



Wednesday Wisdom: Trust Your Instincts

Making Decisions During the Fast-Paced Holiday Season
Trust Your Instincts Early December can be a hectic time for teachers. Between shopping and planning your personal engagements for the holidays, you still have to keep your students motivated and focused during these last couple weeks before winter break. All of this can lead to some unwelcome stress that saps your holiday cheer.

As a teacher, you’re undoubtedly skilled at handling pressure and making smart decisions. Trust your instincts during this time. Know that your classroom experience—your ability to quickly process and make decisions—can help you in all facets of your life during this hectic time. As a reminder to trust yourself and your instincts, print out this poster from our PeachQuotes Studio designers and display it in your classroom or office.

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